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DMC deloream
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a gift from a friend
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one of my personal colletion and my favorite :D
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this was the first I had, my dad gave it to me
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another of my colletion,My grandfather has one, but real. :D (ford bronco 1968)
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1965 Mustang GT-350 #hotwheels (Taken with instagram)
Permalink With a V8 engine and classic long-hood, short-deck style, this muscle  car was customized from top to bottom for high-speed acceleration.
Designer:  Chrysler							 							 								Born:  1970							 							 								Birthplace:  Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA							 							 								Series Number:  145
Permalink Half robot, half car. This mean machine can “stand” up to take on the competition.
Designer:  Hot Wheels®							 							 								Born:  2008							 							 								Birthplace:  El Segundo, California, USA							 							 								Series Number:  88
Permalink With 2 blown racing engines and a ’30s sedan body, this dragster was made for ¼-mile coolness.
Designer:  Hot Wheels®							 							 								Born:  1997							 							 								Birthplace:  El Segundo, California, USA							 							 								Series Number:  159